The Purpose of this initiative

It is often said that the world is moving at a fast pace now. The speed of change is phenomenal. Whosoever is not keeping pace with the rapidly changing times is left behind. Communication has made this possible.

We at Gemco do understand the importance of communication. We firmly believe that timely flow and sharing of information among our team members, associate partners, market contacts & users has made Gemco reach this level.

Gemco is one company which is pioneer in providing its associates updates through different means. Gemco shares with its channel partners updates on market information and feedback, its services and policies, its sales related activities including ordering, supplies, packing, billing, despatch information, new developments, new launches, schemes etc.

Gemco has in-house technological team to develop IT systems. We utilize all possible benefits of advanced technologies in e-mail, SMS, mailers etc. It is our constant endeavour to take help of newer versions of technological advancements like Mobile Apps etc.

This Newsline is also a step in this direction. Newsline is a medium where, periodically you will get to know the activities, happenings, movements & developments taking place in Gupta Group. We plan to provide all possible information about Gemco required by our channel partners through this medium on a regular basis. We are of the opinion that knowing the company and its activities adds value to relationship.

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